5 Get-It-Done Fitness Resolutions to Make Happen in 2020

The same old story is too common: you aim for ambitious fitness resolutions only to falter before you make much past January. For 2020, try these realistic goals that are more effective resolutions than broad declarations of “getting healthier” or “losing weight.” Maybe by adopting one or two of these fitness resolutions you will make positive changes with the new year.

Be as Active as Possible – Whenever you are faced with a choice between being active and taking the easy way to get from point A to point B, choose to be active as often as you can. If you only need to walk fifteen minutes to get somewhere, don’t drive. Choose to walk. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk or ride your bike to the store to get more groceries. Once you almost make a game out of seeing how often you can choose the active option, you will see how good it feels to stay in motion.

Fill Up on Fruit and Veggies – Instead of just making a goal of “eating healthier” or a stringent objective like “no more sugar,” try opting for something easier, like always eating fruit and veggies with your meals. By working toward this goal, you will easily be able to get your recommended five to eight portions today of health-boosting leafy greens and antioxidant-packed fruits. If this seems too overwhelming, just focus on one meal at a time. Fresh orange or a smoothie with breakfast, a salad with lunch, and sautéed kale and mushrooms, for example, with dinner.

Be Mindful of Your Body – This is one that Core Fusion can help with. By becoming more aware of your body, through exercise like Pilates and yoga, you build skills like breath control and meditation that help you stay fully in the moment. And when you are in the moment you, get connected to your body and how it moves. You learn to tell through proprioception (the awareness of your body as you move through space) whether your neck is not aligned with the rest of your spine or if your hips are unlevel. You also develop a built-in sense of whether you are full, helping to naturally curb your appetite and lose weight.

Up Your Fluids – Most people do not drink nearly enough water. While it is recommended that people drink 1ml of water per calorie of food intake (68 ounces for a woman’s daily 2000-calorie allowance), this may not be necessary for everyone. However, the more active you are, the more you should drink. This next year, try to drink 17 ounces more per day than you usually do and see if you notice an improvement in any pain levels, energy, and concentration.

Learn a New Activity – Exercise is the most fun when you really enjoy what you are doing. Instead of saying “hit the gym more” or “lift weights”, resolve to learn something you have always wanted to try and enjoy the new opportunity for physical fitness. You might take up hiking mountains, cycle racing, Pilates, or jazz dancing. Adventure awaits.

You can make great life changes when you start with small, fun goals. Try one of these five fitness resolutions for 2020 or come up with your own. And remember, Core Fusion is always here to help you realize your fitness goals.