Grow Your Self-Care Routine Using Yoga and Pilates

You hear all the time about self-care. What does it mean to you? Colorful pedicures and freshly pressed books? Massages and siestas? For many, self-care is not even about pampering, but more about carving out the time to perform necessary tasks, care rituals, and distraction-free periods to live life as the human you are.

We spend so much time worrying about achieving work accomplishments or whether we are maintaining weight-loss after the holidays that we forget to just sit back and give ourselves a break.

Maybe self-care for you is saying no to commitments and staying committed to taking care of yourself. This care routine might include spending time with your family, taking the time to properly prepare meals every day instead of eating out, or setting aside sections of the day where you focus on exercise.

Today, we would like to talk about how to specifically create a self-care yoga and Pilates routine. Whether you chose both types of exercise or just one as your go-to fitness style, looking at it as a self-care commitment might change how accountable you remain.

Ideas About Yoga

When practiced well, yoga is basically half mental, half physical. You expend almost as much mental energy working on breath awareness and meditating through each pose as you do performing each stretch and flexibility challenge.

Remembering that yoga is not a competition and more about your personal journey, know that just showing up to the mat is a strong act of self-care. When you unfurl your mat in class or your yoga space at home, you are saying to yourself, “I am important and special enough to deserve this hour with myself.”

If you focus more on the meditative nature of yoga and less on the thought that you have to be doing this or that working out “isn’t fun”, you can start to reframe why you practice yoga in your mind, helping you stay inspired and dedicated.

When you begin to learn how much your body and mind crave yoga – and see all the benefits yoga can bring – you will find it very easy to consider yoga an integral part of self-care.

Thoughts on Pilates

Pilates is frequently a harder physical work out than yoga, depending on the person. You may feel those muscles burn more sharply and your heart beat much more enthusiastically. Pilates is invigorating but just diving in, especially when you first start going to class, can sometimes leave you feeling exhausted and not sure you want to stay committed to this part of self-care.

We suggest keeping a more yoga-like mindset with Pilates. Realize it is also not a competition and you don’t have to perform all the exercises perfectly. Just bring your best self always to the studio. Go slow at first and if you feel pain, please let us know immediately and we will help you modify the exercise.

The point is, like with yoga, to realize the benefit of Pilates as a gift of self-care. And then continue to commit to giving yourself that gift.

Are you happy with your self-care routine? Let us help you enhance your self-care with yoga and Pilates for complete, effective fitness in your life. For more questions, contact us today.