How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions for the Whole Year in 2020

Are you the type of person who sticks to your New Year’s resolutions? Or do you barely make it through the first two weeks of the new year before settling back into your old ways. If you are the latter type, you are not alone. Typically, less than 25% of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions past 30 days and only 8% completely follow through. Adjust your odds in 2020 by trying the following tips for committing to real lifestyle changes.

Aim for Baby Steps and Specific Goals – Most people who make too broad of goals back out almost as soon as they state them. Deciding to lose 30 pounds or work out seven days a week is too hard and general. Instead of being too ambitious, you will have better luck creating smaller, more specific goals like just losing 5 pounds or working out twice a week for 20 minutes.

Invest in Your Goals – When money is involved, you may have better luck following through with your resolution. Prepaying for a block of Pilates classes will keep you accountable. Some apps like HealthyWage encourage you to bet on a certain weight loss goal, helping you earn money if you meet your objective. If you don’t lose the weight, you lose money.

Prioritize Fitness – Just like you would not miss a doctor’s appointment or your regularly scheduled oil change for your car, prioritize appointments with yourself to work out. Schedule workouts at the same time on the same days every week to help you stick to your routine. By prioritizing cycling three days a week or yoga twice a week, you will quickly start to increase your mood, build strength, and likely control your weight.

Buddy Up – At Core Fusion, this is one of our favorite tips. We are big on supportive communities and working out with friends, so it is only natural we encourage you to have a buddy while you work at your New Year’s resolutions. Pick someone with similar goals who will go with you to classes and support you when you feel discouraged.

Add Variety – If you have fitness or healthy eating goals, make sure you mix it up. Adding variety keeps you interested and excited to stay engaged in your resolutions, contributing to he chances of you accomplishing your objectives. Pick a few different fitness activities to try throughout the year and add a new meal to your revolving menu every week.

Keep a Journal – Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish, keeping a journal is a great way to stay on track and celebrate your successes as you work hard throughout the year. By keeping a log, you can look back at what has been effective and ineffective, helping you continue to strategize and plan until you have met your goal.

From those of us at Core Fusion, we want to tell you, “You got this!” Yes, you do. Follow these tips and we know you will accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. For any assistance or cheerleading or info on our classes, contact us today.