Karen Bowman

Pilates Instruction in Southlake, Texas –   Karen Bowman, Orthopedic Specialist

Sign Up for Classes Now!Hi, I’m Karen, and I’m thrilled to teach Pilates at Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga! My background is in orthopedics, allowing me to bring expertise on structural imbalances and alignment to the Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga instruction team here in Southlake, Texas.

Originally a physical therapist, I spent 16 years working in orthopedic medicine at a hospital in Connecticut. During my time at this facility, I discovered my love for Pilates.

A big part of my daily job was lifting patients, which led to substantial pain and discomfort in my body. After starting Pilates, I soon noticed a dramatic improvement in my posture, accompanied by significantly less pain. I also adapted the principles I learned from Pilates to my work with orthopedic patients, and experienced great results. I was inspired to continue incorporating Pilates and orthopedics in my Pilates instruction to affect real change in the lives of my clients.

After joining Wendy and the Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga team, I’ve gained an even stronger knowledge of how to modify Pilates to allow for limitations and fitness levels in my clients. My personal Pilates instruction philosophy is to keep your body healthy, strong, centered, and balanced. Combining medicine and Pilates, I create a solid foundation for years of sustainable healing.

When I’m not working, I’m married and enjoy being a mother to three young children, whom I am trying to convert into Pilates enthusiasts. I also like to run and cross-train, and love hiking and biking with my family.

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