Use This Yoga Checklist to Maximize Your Home Workout

Yoga Classes in Southlake at Core Fusion – A Brief Tour of What We OfferWhen you start practicing yoga, it does not take long until you fall in love with the benefits. Even practicing 20 minutes day, along with your weekly class at Core Fusion, will unlock health-supporting advantages you have never dreamed of. From increased flexibility to a more quiet, peaceful mind, you can change your life with yoga.

So, when you are out of the studio and at home, how do you continue the practice? What kind of things do you need in place to stick to a routine and practice throughout the week what you learn at our studio? Today we have created a simple yoga checklist to help you meet all your goals this year by continuing practice at home.

Basic Equipment

It starts with gear, and you don’t need much! Just enough to build a safe, effective practice.

Get Your Own Mat Maybe you use one of our mats in class, but you should still definitely have your own. With a wide variety of colors and thicknesses available, you have many options. We like something that is not overly squishy for balance in standing poses. Gaiam makes a nice line of mats that are affordable and high quality.

Find a Cozy Blanket – Always have a nice, light blanket nearby to cover up during your end-of-session savasana or Corpse Pose.

Don’t Forget a Towel Have a rolled-up towel nearby to provide support for extra balance and relaxation during your session.

Wear the Right Clothes Just as in our classes, you don’t need fancy yoga clothes to be a good yogi. However, we recommend not wearing baggy clothes because they distract and interfere with the execution of most poses. Just a cute pair of yoga pants and a form-fitting shirt will suffice.

Silence Your Phones This is less a case of what you need and more what you don’t need. We recommend turning your phone completely off so you won’t be distracted.

A Sacred Place

When you practice yoga, it might almost become sacred to you, a ceremonial place where you can practice self-love and self-care. Beyond basic equipment, you need physical and mental space to maximize your workout.

Space Choose a place you can return to every day to practice. You want a clean, level floor, ideally without carpet and no drafts. Arrange a space where you create an inviting environment, complete with candles, incense, and mood music to inspire you.

Time ­Setting aside time is just as important as creating a space. You may find it works best to choose the same time every day to practice, like keeping an appointment with yourself. Pick a time when you will have the least amount of distractions and stay accountable, even if it’s just for 15 or 20 minutes of yoga.

Motivation – The last item on this list must come directly from you. Be motivated to work on yourself and provide the self-acceptance necessary to come to the mat every day. Remember that yoga is a journey and the only important thing is that you show up and try.

Are you an at-home yogi? Use our yoga checklist and make the most of your solo practice time. If you want to supplement your practice with some classes, contact us today.